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Brings complete lockbox capabilities to the desktop. Designed to speed revenue recognition and increase user productivity and efficiency.

RemitStation is the industry's first completely turnkey, hosted virtual lockbox solution to fully integrate and automate receivables payment streams for corporate billers and financial institutions. This product can be private labeled upon request.

RemitStation streamlines the receivables process, while allowing the user to retain control of payment processing. Users simply scan images of payments using hardware at the desktop and a web based user interface. Images and data are sent to Klik's state-of-the-art lockbox technology platform. RemitStation contains the full breadth of lockbox capabilities and is completely integrated into the Klik lockbox environment. It delivers enhanced client reporting via its on line Web portal - making it intuitive and easy to use.

RemitStation includes cutting-edge image capture of checks, large and small remittance documents, credit card vouchers, envelopes and correspondence. Payments scanned in RemitStation are processed by Klik using the same business rules as a traditional lockbox. RemitStation images both sides of checks and associated remittance documents. Funds are deposited into thelockbox via X9.37 image cash letter files.

RemitStation can capture MICR, OCR and barcode information from the payments. Because it is a web-based, fully-hosted solution, updates to the application are automatically pushed to users with no need for any resource intervention on the biller side to enable the updates. By using RemitStation, billers can reduce the amount of time budget and internal resource invested on manual deposits, manual receivables updates and receivables management operational support.