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A tool to reduce billing costs, enhance payment options for payers and improve cash flow predictability.

KliknPay is the solution of choice for leading companies across multiple industries. KliknPay is an on line payments application that uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment system to move authorized funds from consumers' bank accounts to the biller's operating account. It offers consumer payers secure Web enrollment to make recurring payments and one time payments.

Klik hosts the software, so the solution can be implemented quickly with minimal upfront costs and private labeled upon request. And because it is a web-based, fully-hosted solution, updates to the application are automatically pushed to users with no need for any resource intervention on the biller side to enable the updates.

Business Benefits:

  • Enhances payer satisfaction by offering them an online payment option
  • Reduces cost associated with paper-based billing
  • Speeds availability of funds
  • Increases accuracy and predictability in biller's cash flow forecasting
  • Integrates payment information with other payment channels
  • Promotes and contributes to "green" initiatives within a company