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A specialized and cost effective receivables bill print and mail service integrated with the receivables cycle.

KlikPrint is a cost-effective, high-quality bill printing and mailing solution - an important component of your end-to-end payment processing capabilities. Klik's in-house processing facility in New York provides printing, collating, inserting and mailing of customer correspondence such as end-user bills, notices and related mailings. KlikPrint is a complementary front end service to KlikRemit's lockbox payment processing.

KlikPrint takes a consultative form design approach using in-house experts to provide the personalized touch of a boutique processor. We combine efficiency, flexibility and minimal restrictions. Using a combination of fixed and variable information defined during implementation, Klik creates an exceptionally user-friendly form.

Fixed information is programmed to conform to client need and aesthetic sensibilities. It is stored on our servers to be merged with the variable data during the course of production. Variable information is drawn from the client data transmitted during the billing cycle, and placed in the appropriate location on the form during the printing process. The location is determined during the implementation and proofing procedure. Your company submits billing data to KlikPrint. The files can be provided in the format and via input methods that best meet a biller's needs.

KlikPrint supports both a period bill and mail process, as well as coupon books. KlikPrint provides three standard bill sizes and layouts, as well as a standardized coupon book format. KlikPrint can also accommodate customization of billing materials including: colored stock; printing with spot color; intelligent inserting; cover letters; and special notices.

Klik's emphasis is in providing a smooth, simplified and efficient implementation for billers. Benefits include:

  • Improve billing processes with advanced technology to produce and mail customer statements.
  • Decrease cost with USPS per-piece postage discounts available through Klik.
  • Streamline processes with a single source supporting the end-to-end receivables processing cycle.
  • Minimize payment exceptions during lockbox processes.