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Streamlines receivables processing to reduce cost, improve cash flow and enhance productivity.

An Innovative Lockbox Model
KlikRemit is an incredibly portable, flexible and scalable approach to Retail, Wholetail and Wholesale Lockbox processing. A fully-hosted lockbox service, it is the foundation of a successful receivables management solution consolidating all payment types from all payment sources.

Its innovative, market-leading design enables companies to quickly and efficiently accelerate the processing of paper-based receivables within a variable-cost environment.

The service is highly-configurable to fit into your business model, your payment processing rules and your custom reporting needs. It allows you to specify the level of control your business maintains. It runs within a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model and is supported by a 13 site nationwide hub-and-spoke processing platform design.

KlikRemit integrates and delivers payment data and images via a cutting-edge Web portal. Web portal User screens can be private labeled upon request with such things as logos, colors and product name. The Web portal offers a series of leading edge capability.

Advanced Search
Create a customized, standing search to automatically detect payments in the system meeting search criteria. An automated email function notifies the user when any processed payment meets the pre-established search criteria.

Web Exceptions Decisioning Tool
View and make decisions online intra-day for all items that do not meet payment acceptance rules. Accepted items are deposited by Klik the same day and are included within the payment reporting and/or electronic data files. The decisioning tool also offers cutting edge features such as variable input fields per client, client entry of data directly into KlikRemit's payments database, and the ability to split a single payment across multiple invoices.

Notes Feature
An electronic "sticky" note can be posted to images of transactions. Attached notes can be forwarded to other associates as needed. Any notes added will be archived with the image.

Customized Output Reports
During the implementation phase, clients can set up their own series of payment reports. Additional custom reports can be created upon request and all reports are viewable via the Web portal.